Together you’re stronger against the bookies, so you can influence the betting tips with your thumbs. The worldwide system for football tips is based on all kinds of technical aspects which, in theory, allow you to make the best choices. But the human aspect is also important. Together with the community, which is you, the list below gives a good idea of the best betting tips in football for upcoming matches.


Site uses super-smart algorithms to calculate the form of a player or a team very accurately. When you visit this site, you can make an educated guess as to which team is more likely to win. They also have extensive analyses of all played matches where you can view statistics and match ratings of each player. Ideal as an extra tool for better betting on matches!

Types of sports betting on betting sites

Betting sites is the English term for websites where you can place a bet. Sport is very popular here. Betting money on your favourite team or athlete makes the match a little more exciting. Are you new to the world of sports betting and are all the possibilities a little too overwhelming? Then this overview can help you on your way!


The WijWedden tip system checks the most popular football betting sites and takes a number of important criteria into consideration to determine whether a betting tip is relevant enough for you as a bettor. Among other things, we check the heights of the quotes (1.50 or higher) and how popular a betting tip is with other football bettors worldwide. The reliability of a tip is based on the number of people who have rated it as realistic or valuable. A minimum of five people must bet on a betting tip and the reliability must be at least 50%.

Is there a betting tip missing that you think we have overlooked? Please feel free to share it with us.


All betting tips are combined and from there we have calculated the average rating/odds. So it could just be that your favourite bookmaker gives you a lot more for our tipped bets. Betting tips with specials often vary considerably from one bookmaker to another. So if you see an interesting bet in the list, check it out with one of the bookmakers. Haven’t made up your mind yet which bookie you’re going to play with? Many bookmakers offer a nice bonus!


On a betting tip, people can often indicate on the various websites whether they are playing along. The more people who play along, the more popular the suggestion. We use the thumbnails to indicate how many people have indicated that they will play along with the bet. The more cheers, the more popular the betting tip is with bettors worldwide.

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