Together you’re stronger against the bookies, so you can influence the betting tips with your thumbs. The worldwide system for football tips is based on all kinds of technical aspects which, in theory, allow you to make the best choices. But the human aspect is also important. Together with the community, which is you, the… Continue reading BETTING TIPS FOOTBALL


More and more sports are proving suitable for live betting. Live betting on Formula 1 is a good example. This is a sport where anything can happen until the last moment. This is why it can be so exciting to bet during the match. Moreover, the big advantage is that there are many more possibilities… Continue reading LIVE BETTING ON FORMULA 1

William Hill

Payment methods As shown in the table above, William Hill allows you to make a deposit into your account via various payment methods. To play on William Hill sportsbook, in addition to the traditional method via Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro (no withdrawals), you can make transactions through other methods, such as PostePay, PayPal,… Continue reading William Hill