More and more sports are proving suitable for live betting. Live betting on Formula 1 is a good example. This is a sport where anything can happen until the last moment. This is why it can be so exciting to bet during the match.

Moreover, the big advantage is that there are many more possibilities than, for example, just choosing a winner. The setup of Formula 1 is very suitable for this. The possibilities of live betting make it attractive to choose that particular bookmaker.

Other Formula 1 bets

You can bet on the winner of a Formula 1 race at any bookmaker. You can imagine that other bets are more difficult. One bet that you can make on Formula 1 at the best bookmakers is to see if a driver finishes in the first three. If you make this bet on a driver who wins often, the odds will be very low. Often you know in advance which drivers will finish in the first three. However, sometimes there are surprises. It is unlikely that an inferior driver will win the Grand Prix, but the chances of him finishing in the first three are greater. If your prediction is correct, you can still win a very nice amount of money.

Crazy Formula 1 betting

When it comes to betting on Formula 1, some bookmakers also have some crazy bets. These bets are diverse and can vary from one bookmaker to another. For example, you can sometimes predict in which lap a particular driver will retire. This is of course a tricky prediction, but if you get it right you will benefit from a very high quote. You can also, for example, predict whether or not a driver will finish a race.

Predicting the winner

First and foremost, live betting on Formula 1 is of course about predicting the winner. This can be very easy, for example when a driver is way ahead of the rest of the field. However, the odds are then lower. Of course, you can also take a real gamble. You can do that by betting on a different driver. You then bet on something happening to the leader of the race. In this sport, this is always possible. That is why the sport is so well suited for betting during the race.

Fighting out duels

Live betting on Formula 1 can also be done in the so-called head to head form. This is not offered by every bookmaker, but there are some. This is betting on a duel between drivers. This is betting on a duel between drivers, for example teammates or two drivers fighting each other for a place in the championship. You can bet on which of the two will finish higher in the race. This does not even have to mean winning the race. Of course, this can also be a very nice bet that you make live during a race. 

Max Verstappen

Live betting on Formula 1 has become a lot more interesting in the Netherlands since Max Verstappen entered the races and even became world champion. You now have multiple reasons to follow the sport and make money from it. The more you watch, the better you know how the races can go. This is one reason why live betting has become much more interesting. Especially since Verstappen is known for his actions. If he is in the back, it doesn’t necessarily say anything about where he will finish. That is, of course, a nice background for placing a bet against.