Our opinion on Eurobet

Eurobet website

A fun and attractive graphics, characterized by the classic blue color that is an integral part of the Eurobet brand: this is how one of the leading bookmakers in the Italian market tries to capture its users, with a home page that immediately highlights all the options and sections offered by the site. Everything is well on display and easily accessible. On the header, under the Eurobet brand, there is a first menu that shows all the main sections that can be accessed: the first two, of strict interest for our analysis, are “Sport” and “Live”.

Eurobet regulation

The knowledge of the sporting rules, too often snubbed, is instead essential to conduct bets in a completely safe and aware. Eurobet is aware of this topic, having placed in the left column of its homepage the item “Sport Rules”, in which the regulations pertaining to betting and sports disciplines are carefully explained. If you then click on “Rules and Regulations”, you can consult all the rules concerning the regulation of betting in Italy. The rules are simple, but there are in fact substantial differences: in football, bets, even in direct matches, only take into account the results of overtime, unlike in basketball, where bets on winners and losers also take into account overtime. It is important to be well informed in order to enjoy Eurobet safely.

Eurobet schedule

How to enter the world of Eurobet betting to get the welcome bonus? We have analyzed in detail this bookmaker, with the aim of making the ideas clearer about one of the leaders of the betting market in Italy. Eurobet, in fact, offers many different sports sections, with a rich bouquet of different events on which to bet, after registering on the official page.

Eurobet live

The possibility of placing a bet on races in progress is now a fundamental element within a betting site. It is no coincidence that in all home pages the “Live” section is a central and prominent element in the layout. This is also the case for Eurobet.co.uk and the live games appear immediately below the main menu: the section on betting on live games is also easily accessible from the main menu. Clicking on “Live”, second from the left after “Sport”, will open the page with all live matches (Live now), next to those that will start soon (Upcoming).

Clicking on a match in progress will open a screen which, at the top, contains a virtual scoreboard on which the result is played. On the right hand side, there is another scoreboard where it is possible to analyse the salient actions of the moment and other important statistical details analysed under various lenses. Scrolling down, then, you will find all the odds divided into three sections: most bets live, under/over live and all. The graphics are immediate and intuitive and the changes in odds are indicated in green (up) and red (down): all elements that will allow you to place your bets quickly and effectively, so as to capture the winning moment and enjoy even more the great gaming experience of Eurobet. Not to be underestimated, then, is the section related to the “Live Chronos”, quick bets on events that may occur within a certain period of time (1/5 minutes): it is about predicting the number of corners, throw-ins, goals, etc.. These are bets that are continually updated with new, possible events to bet on.