Beautiful Bones Slot

The graphics of this game are detailed, 2D, with animations and subtle colour changes in the symbols, as well as in the special scatter panel. The game title is always moving as if it is flickering. 

The animations when we get a win are predetermined for each symbol. These animations are beautiful, without being an exhaustive work of art.     

Game Mechanics

This game has three horizontal lines and five vertical reels or columns, 3X5. The interesting thing about the Beautiful Bones game is that it pays out line-ups with just two symbols from left to right. 

The game does not have too many buttons, which can be seen at the bottom of the screen. There is a drop-down menu at the top left, which can be accessed to look at the paytable and bonus table, as well as the general settings. 

The paylines, or combinations that this game advertises amount to 243. A lot of combinations that we can get one way or another. This is a source point that is present in Microgaming games.    

Bonuses, Wilds and Free Bets

There is a main bonus called Sweet Skull, which are scatter-like figures that we accumulate throughout the game as they appear on the screen in any of the columns. There are three levels of 10, 20 and 30 skulls. Once we reach each level we will be asked if we want the free spins or if we want to continue accumulating the skulls and continue playing. 

On the first level it’s 10 free spins with a multiplier of X3; on the second level it’s 15 free spins and X4; on the last level it’s 18 free spins and multiplied by X5 each win.

There is another special feature in this game apart from the skulls bonus. It is a feature called re-spin wild, which is activated when we get combinations of 3 symbols, the centre position becomes a wild symbol for the next round. This feature also works during the skulls bonus round.   

Bet Type and RTP

In the settings menu you can set the coin size and the number of coins wagered. There we are given a number of options to choose what our final bet will be for each spin. The buttons on the main screen also allow you to increase or increase the bet value without having to go to the menu. 

The rate of return to player of Beautiful Bones is very interesting, around 97%, it is a game that awards many prizes, as I said we can win with combinations of two adjacent symbols from the first column. This game has a good rate of return to the player, in theory for every thousand $ that we play the game will return us 970 $.  

How to Play

This slots game has only two buttons to start playing. They are on the button bar. The last one on the right is the spin or play button, the one on the left is the autoplay button, which can be set to a certain number of games. We can stop the automatic games at any time.

It is very easy to play Beautiful Bones, we just have to wait until we win a big prize, or accumulate the skulls or skulls, which sounds very tempting as it is a cumulative bonus that is not cleared through the session.    


Well, this game leaves us with some very pleasant impressions. I think we can take advantage of either of the two forms of bonuses that the game offers, either with the re-spin wilds or the sweet skull. As a player I would bet low, with the aim of getting the skulls and trying to go for a bigger prize.